Do you use software in your operation? Do you even need software or simply a solution?

This is the stuff that nobody understands but they just want it to work! Sound familiar?

We’re here to make that happen.

Over the years we have heard many sales pitches from many salesmen who are confident that their product will “Do everything you need and more”. We’ve then seen many business owners struggle with their “everything and more” and it seems like the “more” part was secret code for confusing, too hard, not what I want, stupid, useless, and costs a fortune. Again…sound familiar?

The best software in the world is completely hopeless if the people you need to operate it can’t. It might be that too much information is required to be entered to make a job work, or you’re constantly clicking into and out of multiple screens. It might be that you need twice the number of people you can afford because that’s what the software requires to operate properly. It might just be that you can’t make it do simple things you really need, day-to-day, to make your business run more effectively.

Because we understand transport from the driver’s seat to the director’s seat we can work with you and your staff to determine what it is you really need to begin with. You might not even need “software”, just a few tools that make your business run smoothly and deliver the information that you need, how you need it.

We know and understand IT & Software. We know how to write programs. We’ve built a range of solutions for people to do everything from automating how you do your quotations through to entire allocating and invoicing systems. We’ve even created conversion utilities that take information from two unrelated systems, marry that information together, and then provide a comparison to double check both sides agree. Why? Because everyone makes mistakes so why not have a mistake checker??

Basically, it’s all about giving you the solution for your business.

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