It just keeps getting harder and harder doesn’t it? Remember when you could shake hands with someone and just get the job done? If something went wrong everyone sat down and figured out how to fix it and just moved on.

These days increasing regulation and compliance standards means that transport must be ready for anything and everything. Without the proper documentation and procedures in place small problems can quickly turn into large ones and transport is always the one who pays.

One of the things we hear quite frequently is “But that’s not what we agreed on”. The first question we then ask is “What do you have in writing?”. At the end of the day, if you have a contract, a policy, a procedure, a client manual, a rate sheet, a set of terms and conditions, or anything else in writing, that is the start of what will decide who is going to pay for what and when.

We’ve helped businesses deny $Million dollar claims because the other party didn’t adhere to your company’s rules…that were given to them…in writing.

It doesn’t matter what Fred and Barry agreed to in their meeting and shook hands on, what matters is was it in writing? If so, did it contradict your terms, conditions, policies, procedures, etc? Was it signed off by management? Does your book of rules make it clear what can and can’t be relied on?

We can review your book of rules and make suggestions of how to improve it and make it more robust so you’re protected. If you don’t have a book of rules, we’ll sit with you and work out what needs to be created to protect you.

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