Do you know where your trucks are and what they’re doing?

Right now?

All of them?

What about earlier today, or last week, or when that customer said your driver didn’t show up last month at the time he was supposed to but when you asked him he told you he did?

Then there’s that oil leak or the bald tyre that nobody remembers being told about. You talked to the driver and he swears he told someone about it. Oh, and when is that truck due for service or rego, or has it already passed and now it’s overdue? Is that truck even supposed to be on the road?

How do you communicate with your drivers AND your trucks??

Like everything else we do, there are a range of solutions we can provide that will help you manage your fleet, and your drivers, AND your customers, so you can be more efficient, spend less money to get the job done, and provide your drivers and staff with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively.

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