Another dreaded part of business…computers…

“How much money do I need to spend to make it work?” For most people, any amount is too much because computers are really looked at as being a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. Surely that can’t cost a lot??

What is IT anyway? IT (Information Technology) is shorthand for describing everything to do with computers. Hardware, software, networking, WLAN, the server, the cloud, data, backup, recovery, support, should we continue?

All you want is for it to work. We can do that, and the good news is you won’t need to sell a truck to pay for your computers and your “IT”. We can do everything from configuring what you have so it works the best it can right through to full network design. We have a range of support options too. We have people available who can come to your business to assist with problems, log on remotely and fix problems when they occur, or even just be on the other end of a phone call and talk you through something.

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