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It’s something we’ve all said , and when things go wrong, or just don’t seem to be going right.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you had the missing piece to the puzzle?

Welcome to Transport Solved


We aren’t salesmen

We don’t recommend or offer the world, snake oil, headlight fluid, or magic wands

We won’t pretend to be listening and then say “no problem – we can fix that”


We’ve been in the driver’s seat of the truck. Everything from LR to MC, general freight, refrigerated, frozen, perishable, bulk LPG, fuel, multi-modal containers, coaches, air-freight, removals, waste disposal, sand & soil, and the list goes on. Local and linehaul. Night shift and day shift. Across town or across country. We know it, we’ve been part of it, and we understand it from your point of view.

We are created by transport for transport!

Your secret team working for you.

If you’re in transport you need to speak to us.


What can we do to help you?

Fuel Tax Claims Solved

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Software Solutions Solved

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Computer (IT) & Networking Solved

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In-Vehicle Systems Solved

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Insurance & Finance Solved

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Procedures & Documentation Solved

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Contracts & Tenders Solved

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We don’t discuss any of our clients’ operations with anyone else as trust and professionalism are the biggest parts of our job. Everything about you and your business is safe and secure.

Creating and maintaining solutions to assist you in achieving success is our job. Enjoying that success and benefiting from the outcome of our efforts is your advantage. We are your secret weapon.

Are you in Transport and have a problem with something that you can’t solve? That’s why our business is called Transport Solved! Talk to us about what you need, or how you need it done and we will work with you to deliver a solution that works for you.


A few words from people just like you that we’ve helped..

  • We’d talked to different software companies but always got the same “Yeah, our program does that” answer without any real explanation of what it did or how. “You just click here, and then just type there, then just click over here to go there”. Too hard and not worth the risk of paying for something that wasn’t going to work for us. Because the Transport Solved guys know trucks, and driving, they understood what we were talking about and could answer the questions we asked in a way that made sense. Even better, we were able to tell them what we wanted and they built us an Allocation System that works the way we want and is really, really easy to use. The fleet is operating more efficiently, we’ve taken on 30% more work, and I now get my weekends off. Not to mention the $90K that Transport Solved got us back in Fuel Tax Credits!!

  • I run 50 trucks. I’m not big but I’m not small either, and I’ve got plenty of costs all the time. We heard about different mobs doing Fuel Tax Claims for transport companies. I had one lot come to see me and I have no doubt they could’ve done a claim for us but they just didn’t get my business because they didn’t understand transport the way I do. Then I heard about Transport Solved and they came to see me. Talk about helpful! These guys really know their stuff and really know transport. They worked with us and got all of the information they needed, and yeah, we got a bit back - $490,000!!!! Transport Solved now do my fuel tax claims each quarter and I’m getting back more than triple of what I used to get because they know my business, and they get it.

  • We were in a mess and couldn’t get through all of our work so we bought more trucks and hired more drivers. Then I went to our clients and told them we were ready for more. All I heard time and time again was “We don’t want to drown you”. It didn’t matter how I asked, the answer seemed to be the same. I couldn’t find a way to explain what we were now capable of. Transport Solved came in and asked to see our ‘Book of Rules’. Book of what? We move stuff from here to there when the customer wants it moved. What rules can there be? Turns out plenty. Now my competitors can’t understand how I make money where they can’t and how I do more jobs with my fleet than they can. My staff are much happier because they know if they follow our ‘Book of Rules’ then our clients will follow them too and everything is easier. I’m now looking at the next idea for our business, and Transport Solved will help me…get…it…solved…

  • Quotes take me forever. Well, they used to. Now I can do a quote in as little as 30 seconds thanks to my little quoting program that Transport Solved built. Local or long distance, which ever truck I need, and any other services I need to add in. All there in front of me. Click, click, send. Thanks Transport Solved.

  • Transport Solved helped me re-finance my fleet, and the money I saved in lower repayments meant I could have 2 more trucks for the same total amount I was paying before. Then they helped out with our insurance. Turns out we weren’t properly insured and lucky we didn’t have a huge claim. My premiums are also lower as a surprise bonus! Whenever one of our guys is involved in an accident, we now have a form we fill out that Transport Solved designed for us. If we need help, we call the Transport Solved guys and they work with us and our Insurers to lodge the claim the way the Insurer needs it and where we aren’t at fault, we’re being properly defended. My claims have gone down and I don’t get accident details from drivers on a napkin anymore. Am I happy? These guys are who they say they are...TRANSPORT...SOLVED!



In a market where margins are constantly being pulled tighter and tighter, get the team on your side who can make differences to keep you in the black and on the road…

A team of professionals ready to be there when you need us.

Phone: 1300 203 131

Email: help@transportsolved.com.au

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